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Do I have Aspergers??

When I was little I had speech delays and took speech therapy to help me talk. Then as I grew older I have hard time understanding jokes and things that don’t make sense. I’d get angry or frustrated when I don’t understand things. I don’t know what it means to stim. I sing along to a song while rocking back and forth like I’m cradling myself like a baby. My parents told me I have high functioning autism. Is that Aspergers or what? I’m almost 22 now. 

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    The only difference between Asperger's and high functioning autism is the age at which you reached developmental milestones such as learning to speak or walk. As you had a speech delay you ended up with a HFA diagnosis instead of Asperger's. Asperger's syndrome isn't a separate diagnosis anymore and all types of autism are now known as autistic spectrum disorders or ASD. 

    I'm an autistic adult.

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    I've been dealing with this for all of my life.

    In 2016 a doctor told me i had Autism Spectrum Disorder.

    In 2018 A Doctor in California Told Me I Had Mild Autism.

    You Have To Speak To A Professional, Doctor, or a Speech Pathologist To Know if you really have autism spectrum disorder.

    You need to Speak To A Professional, Doctor, Or something like that.

    The Speech Pathologist in 2016 Actually Told Me They Had Changed The Name, From Aspergers, To Autism spectrum disorder.

    My Father Actually used Cuss me Out/ complain when i called him on the phone, and talked with him about it

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