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How to gain weight and avoid losing it through loss of appetite ?

I’m under weight and need to gain approx 2stone, I’ve tried eating more than I usually did, approx 2500 calories from normally eating less that 1500. I gained four pounds in two weeks then suddenly one day felt when eating I was feeling ill and couldn’t eat much resulting in losing three of the four pounds I gained. 

How can I avoid this happening every time I try to gain weight and fill out a bit 21 year old male 

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    I suspect eating a thousand more calories than you want every day loses its appeal. You might try a two-pronged approach instead.

    Try three to five hundred more calories of healthy foods a day (not junk food, soft drinks, or alcohol), and doing weight-bearing exercise for 30 minutes. Not vigorous, get out of breath exercises necessarily, although that would count. I mean using hand weights or bar bells, going for a walk, doing some chore that's physical (like mowing, vacuuming, scrubbing a floor, or shoveling snow), playing vigorously with your dog, dancing, tai chi, anything where your body's in more or less constant motion carrying itself, bonus points for pulling, carrying, or lifting something.

    This way you're making your large muscle groups a little bigger and providing the calories needed for their growth. Keep at it, adding protein and low fat dairy for many of those extra calories, and I imagine in a few months you'll still be slender but not at all skinny.

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