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Anyone here struggle with an eating disorder? ?

So currently going through this. I’ve struggled with body image since I was like 12 (I’m now 28) my weight for the most part has been a roller coaster these last 7 years or so. In my early 20s I was pretty skinny however in my mid 20s I Started gaining. My heaviest was earlier this year I was at 220...About a month ago I had a health scare and due to anxiety of that and the stress over school contributed to my appetite to decrease a lot. However this triggered my eating disorder...I began purging after breakfast and skipping lunch...i would however eat dinner and not puke that out. However, this week I weighed myself and I was at 201 which got me excited cuz my goal is to be at 190. However it also scares me I’m losing weight by not working out. Like I know what I’m doing isn’t healthy but at the same time I want to be more thinner. 

Yesterday was the first day I didn’t make myself puke...I ate breakfast and I ate way too much lunch...later that day I had a big bag of chips, I had cheesecake and cookies. I felt disgusted but I don’t puke. Now I’m awake and weighed myself and says I’ve gained 2 lbs since yesterday. Now I don’t want to eat mom is making tamales and getting anxious about eating that. I’m already thinking in skipping dinner and just fill up on water. 

The reason for this question is that Im also a guy and feel like not many of us can come forth to get help with this. I look at myself in the mirror and feel ugly and hate my body. Can anyone relate?

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