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Why am I dreaming so much lately? ?

It must be 10 days in a row I've had random dreams. Usually I go to bed and I don't sleep right away, I need to read something or watch something before I get tired enough to conduct sleeping and I'm tired all the time. For some odd reason with this good weather I am physically drained come 11 o clock and I pass out the minute my head hits the pillow and I'm refreshed when I wake. In the middles of this I dream and they are magical dreams (literally) its hard to explain but it's as though I am living the life of hercules with all the random creatures or experiences that happen. I'm happy most of the times in the dreams but I often am put in an uncertain situation and Im absolutely terrified. I know they're just dreams but why? 

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    They are not JUST dreams. They are a window into your soul beckoning to you look at your life and make changes that would lead to greater success and happiness. Although, you are happy and you life may feel magical, the uncertainty of the future is in the back of your mind and it is worrisome. Your dream is asking you to take an objective look at your situation and make some positive plans for the future which would lead to greater success and happiness. Your dreams will always guide you, if you heed their messages.

    Source(s): Meditations for the Journey by C. Mohan
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