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Bad behaviour in the classroom? ?

I’m a teacher in a uk school and I really struggle with the continuous bad behaviour in my classes. The students are so naughty for me. I have been on many behaviour courses I’ve tried strict discipline and punishments, I’ve tried seating plans I’ve tried calling parents in, the behaviour is completely unacceptable. I try to be strict and firm with my classes but it still doesn’t work. Does anyone have any advice on dealing with extreme behavioural problems in high school students? 

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    I am a retired elem teacher in USA.  Unfortunately, I think this is prevalent all around the world.  I have volunteered in classrooms the past 10 years, and I sure can see how " bad" the students have become. If I were in the classroom now, I think I would have to change jobs. I couldn't stand for the kids to be so disrespectful and self centered.  If there is a class in your school where the kids do behave, go talk to that teacher and find out what the " trick" is.

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    hello. It maybe the culture in UK and the parenting culture of UK system. Maybe try to be loving instead, empathize with  them that it is a challenging period to be in. Buy them a little of what they like to eat, if possible within the school rules, and reward them for doing good. love education will always work but it is very difficult for the teacher to do it. Believe in  them and tell them some motivational stories here and there.

    I told the naughty class I had that I would wash the feet of the worst gangster in the class. The gangster was skeptical and a few days later, the operations manager and discipline assistant praise me for being a good teacher.

    find out what motivates them and keep on believing in them. There could be some hidden diamonds and talents but it takes a good teacher to  discover them and nurture them.

    Ask advice from other teachers and senior teachers who teach the class for tips.

    All the best. God bless you. God has the best counsel for teachers.

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    Incentive.  "We're all getting a free pizza for lunch as long as EVERYONE does their work".  If they all behave, and we all know they won't the get a pizza.  When one does something stupid, talks, or distracts the class just tell them "sorry no one gets a pizza today because Johnny acted out and had to talk in class when he should have been working.  We'll try again tomorrow.   Let the class handle Johnny for preventing them getting the incentive.  The only other thing is to go back in time and teach their parents to nurture and discipline there kids and that can't happen either.   lots of luck.

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