I need y’all help to find this song ?

I need to find this songggg It’s stuck in my head I don’t know if I got the lyrics right but here it something like

“Oh I know you know your all on the phone I wanna give (something,something,something,something, Oh I want you know your all on my “or something like “oh how don’t you know” something Around those lines

That’s all I remember about it I don’t know if it came out between the years of 2005-2011 I don’t know if it’s a r&b or rap song but the voice is soo smooth he’s got kind of that 6lack sounding voice and I’m sorry for all the run on sentences but I’ve been trying to find this song for the last 2 day’s I literally went through all the YouTube playlist of throwback songs from 2008-2012 nothing I got no where close to what I was finding I know someone out there knows this song y’all please look out and help



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  • 1 month ago


    Song by Oh wonder

    Dust by Oh Wonder

    Possibly Black Sabbath 

    • michael1 month agoReport

      No it’s a r&b hip hop type it would remind you of a Bryson filler style of music similar to 6lack 

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