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Is there any creature that fits this description in mythology? ?

A giant dog/fox. It looked like a foxes  head so idk if it was a fox or a dog, it had a black/red coat like a really dark fox and was said to be bad luck and very harmful.

I know this sounds crazy but I had a dream last night, in this dream I heard my name being called in a loud deep voice and it was telling me to come. I was outside in my garden shouting "what" ant the forest. So I got impatient and went to seek what was calling me (nobody else could hear the call it was in my head I presume). As I approached the woods I saw what appeared to be a giant foxes head with Amber eyes moving in and out of view. It felt real, I was terrified, my heart was racing and I was, sweating so I slowly edged my way towards the wood forcing myself to go in. So I got to the edge and my grandfather came from behind me shouting "get back". He told me the name of the creature (I can't remember) and said no good will come from it and it most likely will try to kill me also a curse will come if I harmed it. 

Anyway, I woke up and said another weird dream (I'm getting a lot lately). I know it's a dream so everything in it came from my head but, if there were such a creature in mythology it would certainly make me question where that dream came from as I never heard of anything like it before. If there isn't it's evidence my mind made it up. 

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