i can’t smoke weed like i used to?

two years ago i regularly smoked weed and it felt completely normal no matter what strain or way i smoked it, then i moved and didn’t really have anyone to buy from so i smoked rarely and that lasted for almost a year but not smoking almost ever, now i’ve been smoking more recently again and it’s always on and off like i can take ONE good hit and be super blasted but also very anxious it can get pretty bad out of all the times i’ve smoked recently only two times i’ve felt great the other times are just filled with anxiety and not being able to ground myself while high and just being way too high for the intake i had, i know it varies between strains and it could be my tolerance building back up but i think it should’ve built up by now? and everytime i smoke i have to prepare myself for it to be bad and it’s really making me wonder is there a specific reason for this that’s normal and other people have gone through ? 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your weed is spiked with PCP (angel dust).  For some idiotic reason that’s popular now.  

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