why dose this happen?

OK corona has made it more difficult to ******* play with my stuffed animals in the middle of the road and creeping the hell out of strangers without knowing now  i could start dying the second they touch me  and not even notice until it's to late. so please china clean up this act and fix the problem you ******* squinted,   buck tooth,  ka-pow chicken and fried rice,  ching chow,  fortune cookie making ***'s in that lab and make that antidote for everyone.  you useless CHOP UP THE DOG AND EAT STUFF THAT CAN MAKE A VIRUS THAT CAN KILL UP TO MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, all you Jackie Chan looking mud 'a ******* get to work you bitches.     

1 Answer

  • 4 months ago

    don't know what you're smoking, but okay,  I laughed! 

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