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I've had this recurrent rash on my arm and neck for a few weeks. Does this mean i have an allergy?

For awhile I've gotten extremely itchy nasty looking bumps on my arm right by my hand and a blotchy patch of red on my chest that looks  and feels so awful.. They come and go away and it seems like it happens at night or after i take a shower or eat or when i deal  with extreme stress. If it gets worse im definitely going to see a physician but does this sound like an allergy or maybe eczema to you? Im so confused as why im getting this rash. I also get a bit of fatigue when i have it. Its awful and i don't understand why I keep getting it its making me miserable. It keeps me up all night, I've tried hydrocortisone, oatmeal baths they work but its too pricey for me and it only temporarily works, eczema creams, diaper rash cremes, calamine lotion,  literally everything and benadryl makes me even more itchy its bad i don't know what to do anymore i don't want to go see a doctor because i have bad anxiety about going outside with rash on my neck and arms. its hot out too

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