What is my dream about?

Backstory for context:

I had a dream about my ex friend. Me and her used to be very close friends in elementary through middle school, and a little bit through high school until I eventually had to burn bridges because she was controlling and mean and had almost no sense of personal space and she would hit me a lot. I find it weird that I had a dream about her because I haven't thought about her in a very long time since the friendship ended.


In my dream, me and my friend (let's call her Jaymie,) were sitting at desks in a school hallway. I was eating a Mcdonalds breakfast sandwich. Jaymie was sitting by my side and we were discussing a movie. The movie was about a toxic relationship between a man and a young woman. The man was always controlling the young lady and he emotionally manipulated her a lot, till one day he kicked her out of the house. In my dream, it turns out the girl in the movie was actually me, but Jaymie did not realize it was me. So she made passive aggressive comments like "Why didn't she just leave in the first place?" 

In the middle of our discussion about the movie, there were these two female students that walked by, and they were talking very loudly. Jaymie got up and yelled at them to "shut the f**k up." I wanted to say something, but in my dream I was too scared to stand up to my friend, so I sat there silent continuing to eat my breakfast sandwich.


I've never been in a relationship with an older man, but when I was younger I did enter an unhealthy relationship with a guy my age. He was much more mature than me, and he would often manipulate me into doing things I was uncomfortable with. 

Update 2:

I was very sheltered as a child and through most of my teen years, so I was blissfully unaware of the emotional abuse he was putting me through, that is, until the relationship ended. 

Update 3:

I never really stand up for myself too much, and never did in the past. Even though the age gap between me and that guy I was with was not the same in real life as in my dream, the power dynamic felt oddly similar.

Update 4:

I think maybe my dream is highlighting two very painful parts of my early teenhood. I often feel like my relationship with that guy was very real to me, but like a movie to other people, meaning people saw what was happening, but they didn't have a real grasp on the pain I went through, so they just sat back and made commentary, like people do with any other movie.

Update 5:

My ex friend Jaymie was toxic in ber own way. She broke my relationship with a lot of friends up. She would bash my opinions and make fun of me a lot. She also physically hurt me a lot. I never stood up to her, and instead, I slowly burned bridges.

Update 6:

I think the part where she yelled at those girls was actually a representation of how she treated me.

I don't know what the Mcdonalds sandwich symbolizes. I have no idea why I was even eating it.

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  • 1 month ago

    The dream might be telling you that you can get advice about your life by following the advice you give others and also that you can avoid bad situations by not socializing with those who abuse others because if you do you will ruin your own opportunities for growth when you try too hard to satisfy them - it might also mean your progress has nothing to do with the counsellors and guides you encounter and they are disposable when they become oppressive or domineering 

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