What does this dream mean?

I had a dream my room was filled with different types of board games and they were piled on top of one of those player hockey game thingy - I distinctly remember a large red box and a sorry game - I tried to remember where the games came from and later I concluded I had always had the games on me - they weren't new - they were always there - I had just forgot I purchased it temporarily

And I went into my room and found toy figurines - I remember they were robust but tall and skinny imitations of people like one was a toy storey coy by figurine - all the figurines were the same height and when nobody was looking the toys would talk to me

I was trying to figure out - if I was mentally ill like what my dad thinks since he can't explain my faith in God - or if God actually creates toys that talk to people when nobody is watching - I considered telling others that the toy was talking to me

Then I woke up

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  • Linda
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    1 month ago
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    The games could mean that there are certain traits or talents that you have always possessed but didn't know about, but will discover now about yourself or soon after. The part about the toys being imitations of real people that would talk to you when others are not listening could be from God. There are Angels among us and sometimes we have been among angels unaware and so possibly you have been given rare insight into life that most do not have which is a gift.  

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