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Washing my underwear twice anyway I can just do it once save time and money ?

Seems like first I need to wash them cold water, then wash again in hot to make sure they are clean. My experience washing in hot water first sets the stain in. Take remind me to send a public laundromat. I can't let them soak 12 hours. I have tried oxi-clean, liquid bleach and both oxi-clean, liquid bleach and obviously laundry detergent all together. Seems like men's underwear is one of the most difficult things to wash and get clean.


I am tired of underwear I just bought soiled and poop stains.  Yes I wipe myself thoroughly after using the bathroom but still get some poop stain on my underwear as time by it gets worse.  I can see the stains so bad, it feels like a putting on dirty underwear after taking a shower.

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    Two issues:  why do you have poop stains if you're supposedly thoroughly cleaning yourself? Use some baby wipes after using the bathroom--TP first, then the wipes.  And don't flush them.  And wear a pad in your underwear if you have some medical issue which causes this. You can change the pad as often as you need to.

    Second, you CAN wash first in hot water. Add some borax to your laundry. That not only boosts detergent cleaning power it also disinfects. You should NOT mix oxi-clean with chlorine bleach. Use ONE or the OTHER--but not both. On poop stains, chlorine bleach is more effective--but so is the borax. 

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  • 1 month ago

    add a lot of white vinegar to your load of underwear laundry. how much depends on how big your load of laundry is. but vinegar will do what you want. AND DO NOT MIX VINEGAR AND BLEACH. IT CREATES MUSTARD GAS WHICH IS FATAL.

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      It does not create MUSTARD gas, it creates CHLORINE GAS. Mustard gas is made from MUSTARD.

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    Buy some flushable wipes and use them after you poo.  (Wipe with toilet paper first.)  Before you wash your underwear, pre-wash the poo stains.  

    • Ian1 month agoReport

      a note, since someone recommended the worst product ever created next to disposable diapers, aka "flushable" wipes. YOU CANNOT FLUSH FLUSHABLE WIPES. THEY ARE NOT FLUSHABLE. They cost us millions of dollars each year, with FATBERGS in the sewers & clog up waste processing grates. DO NOT FLUSH THEM.

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    My experience is that hot water sets some kinds of stains like blood, but not poop.  If you have an accident, just use the hottest cycle on your washer, the sterilize or sanitize cycle if there is one.

    Also consider getting checked by a doctor to make sure the leaks are not indicative of some other problem.

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    You clearly have a problem with getting yourself clean when you use the toilet. I suggest you modify your methods to come up with a better technique. I might also suggest you try using Preparation H Hemorrhoidal wipes. They can get you much cleaner that just toilet paper.

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