Why does your USA President want to upset The Social Media that he uses ?

We know there are riots in America , we know they are because an Afro-American was killed, We know that the four policemen at the issue have been sacked and one charged with murder, we know all over this world Black people are persecuted just because of their colour , we know that white people go out in the hot sun to get sun tans which turn them dark skinned , we know that there are people who are racists and we are aware that The President of The United States is a Rebel , everything that every other president has ever done This President has undone and if he had his way he would re-write The Constitution , so that much you can't tell us because rightly or wrongly we know.


Why do French , Italians , Spanish , British , Africans , Chinese & Americans behave like animals , causing Riots, Rape, Pillage and Violence when things don't go their way ?

1 Answer

  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Our "USA President" has the fragile ego of an 11 year-old girl being told her crush likes someone else. 

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