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Muscle loss?

Today I woke up and I noticed that I got significantly skinnier. I can see my shoulder blades and ribs. I have been weight training more than a year now, but I woke up just to see months of progress lost. What is wrong with me, and should I visit a doctor?

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    You do not lose gains from over a year in just one night. Chances are it has been occurring for several months and you are just now aware of it.

    Several things that may be the reason for loss of muscles:

    1) You overtrained and did not give your body the right kinds and amounts of nutrients. Many people do not understand that exercise such as weight training does not build up. It tears down.  It is the rest and the right nutrients you give your body after exercising that allows it to repair and build up the affected body parts. This is why you NEVER work the same muscle groups on consecutive days - there must be at least 1 rest day in between. If you work the same muscles day after day, all you are doing is tearing it down and making yourself weaker.

    2) Rest, especially sleep, is when your body does the majority of the repairs and growth.  That means if you exercise and not get that 7 or 9 hours of sleep, you basically wasted the workout. It's 7 or 9 hours because your REM sleep cycle occurs in 90 minute intervals. And if you over do alcoholic drinks, this too will interfere with the recovery process.

    3) Nutrition.  You cannot build something out of nothing.  If you do not give your body the right amounts of vitamins,minerals, proteins, carbs, etc.  It cannot  repair much less grow bigger muscles.

    If none of the above applies to you, then I would strongly advise you to see a doctor.

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    Get your thyroids checked

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