Stanley Black and Decker owns Craftsman Tools. Is the quality as good as when Sears owned Craftsman?

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  • 1 month ago

    don't know.  haven't had one break yet.  did you check the current warranty?

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  • 1 month ago

    A family member is a lick smith in Torrance CA . He actually bought the first lick smith shop he ever worked at The original owner trained him . He was promised by the owner .That he would sell it to my cousin . Last second he got a huge offer from none other than Stanley tools . about 5 years past and he gets a call . Its a Stanley tool rep asking him if was interested in buying it . He did but the lock shop . What crazy is whem Stanley had it It was a reputable lock smith Great reviews , good employees , and they were knowledgeable about every lock out there practically They cracked safes You name it 

    Stanley fired everybody Put the people they wanted And my cousin was told by the rep That 3 months after Stanley took possession of the shop Everything went to hell They tried to sell there junk to long term customers Had bad customer service , were flakey even It took my cousin 1 .5 years to get it back kind of close to what it was before Stanley took it  It's a common story Stanley gobbles up smaller companies , that are MAKING MONEY  Then systematically run that business into the ground , it's a story I've heard more than 1 time . In. My opinion , it what Stanley is known for Wrecking  small businesses , and kind of ruining what could have been something good .black and decker used to he a higher quality tool than it is today .Know why Stanley took it over ,While craftsman did have many other manufactures of the tools they put  the craftsman name on 

    Most of the new stuff is kind of crappy in my opinion I have the old style tools which were considered pretty good ..I would say your absolutely right to say STANLEY TAKES GOOD NAME BRAND STUFF AND RUINS it When craftsman was solely at Sears .amd not everywhere  like they are now Like Lowe's and places like that Kind of took the edge off craftsman tools 

    NOW THERE EVERYWHERE which kind of cheapened the whole hand tool line up That is Stanley's doing what Stanley does and had done for decades . soon after Stanley was a business .They have been sucking up smaller co"s and leaving a wake of cheapness behind them.

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  • 1 month ago

    Sears owned the NAME, but never actually made the tools. The contracted with actual tool makers to make the tools.

    • ron h
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      1 month agoReport

      yeah. The contractors made the tools to Sears' spec's. Sears sold tools for fair prices for good tools.  

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