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The radius of a copper (Cu) atom is roughly 1.3 × 10−10 m. How many times can you divide evenly a 446.7−cm long piece of copper wire until it is reduced to two separate copper atoms? (Assume there are appropriate tools for this procedure and that copper atoms are lined up in a straight line, in contact with each other. Round off your answer to an integer.)

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  • Dr W
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    1 month ago


    .. (1) calculate the number of Cu atoms in that wire.. hint.. divide 

    .. (2) find the relationship between amount initial, amount final

    .. .. . .and the number of divisions.. then solve.

    for (2) 

    .. let's say you have 100 atoms

    .. .. divide it once and you have 50 atoms

    .. .. divide it again and you have 25 atoms

    .. .. divide it again and you have 12.5 atoms

    .. notice the pattern..

    .. .. n(t) = n(o) * (1/2)^t

    .. you calculated n(o) in (1)

    .. you know n(t) = 2

    .. so that

    .. .. .n(t) / n(o) = (1/2)^t

    .. use log functions to solve for "t"

    rest is up to you. 

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