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Should I block this guy on dating app who is ignoring me?

I met a guy on dating and we use to chat a lot. He started pulling away and ignored me . He has stopped contacting me and never calls me. Initially he showed interest in me and I kinda feel bad because I like him. Should I block him? He is active most of the time on the dating site but never contacs me

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    I wouldn't give up just yet. Basically what I think has happened is that this guy likes you and tried conveying his feelings for you. However, he may have got the impression that you don't like him back and therefore he has decided to move on. Generally when a guy is interested he will do things like compliment you, make eye contact with you, look for reasons to be around you and make small talk and even flirt with you. In general, you will feel his energy rubbing off on you if that makes sense? From what you are saying, I think this guy may be interested.

    The most important thing to do from this point is send some vibes his way in order to convey your feelings. This guy will probably be looking for hints from you in order to get an idea as to how you feel about him. Therefore, doing things like complimenting him, telling him how much you enjoy his company or asking him open ended questions that will get him to reveal his personality. In particular, the latter of these is really attractive to a guy as it shows him that you are interested in connecting with him on an inter-personal level. If this guy responds positively and engages with you then you will know for sure that he likes you. I really hope this helps :)

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      I don't think so he is interested in me or liked me before as he keeps updating his profile and is basically online most of the time probably going through several profile of opposite sex.

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