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I repaired my iphone, can they hack me?

I got my iphone display replaced by a repair shop in my town, not by Apple. I was wondering is there any way they could have put like a chip or something in my phone so it has access to my photos or camera? It took him about 30mins to fix it. Not sure why I'm so paranoid of this. Thanks so much.


i didnt give him my passcode, he just fixed the screen.

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    It's doubtful.

    I repair iPhones at an authorized Apple location (as in not an Apple store but a place certified by Apple) and 30-45 minutes is pretty much about as fast as you can replace a screen. The display/front panel of the phone is all one piece when it arrives from Apple so it's just a matter of removing the old one, connecting the new one to the phone's logic board, and using a special adhesive liner to seal it back in place, then calibrating the screen using Apple's cloud-based software.

    There's no way he could've gotten into the phone if it had a passcode and there's no need for an apple technician to get it to repair the phone. All of the diagnostics/calibration is done outside of the phone's regular OS using a special diagnostic mode.

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    Yes any phone can be hacked. Despite the efforts of Google and Apple, mobile malware continues to land in official app stores and these malicious apps are getting sneakier,check here know more on this-


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    If they did then this random shop has a hardware exploit that hasn’t been made public. Why would they install it on random devices when they could sell it for millions? 

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    Possible. Just keep it secure and everything will be alright. Lol.

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    Hd more than likely just fixed your phone stop worrying be happy 

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