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I’m the same weight as I was before I started the Scared Heart diet...?

I’m at 189.2 pounds and this is because I’ve been dieting for a month (healthily) and have lost 9 pounds. I saw a diet online and decided to follow it for a week and it’s my 4th day on this 7-day diet and my weight has remained the same... 189.2. I haven’t dropped even one pound and I’ve reduced my caloric intake, am more active. I’m also eating low calorie fruits and a lot of veggies (I’m a vegetarian to begin with anyway). 

I don’t understand how I’ve plateaued when this is the healthiest and cleanest I’ve ever eaten. 

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    You say you've lost 9 lbs. As your weight and/or activity level changes, your calorie needs change. It may be that you've dropped to a point where your calorie intake is now maintaining your weight. 

    The calculator here will help you determine what your calorie intake should be for fat loss or weight maintenance. Remember to check it regularly as your activity level changes or your weight changes. Eating healthy/clean is great, but that doesn't mean you aren't consuming a higher amount of calories than is needed for fat loss.

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    You haven't asked a question.

    From what you do say it sounds like this diet is not right for you. 

    By the way what is your heart scared of???

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    Being a vegetarian is not the cleanest or best way to live. You are missing some micro nutrients or minerals and your body is not having it.

    Get some blood work done. Chances are you need supplements.

    Instead  looking at calories try looking at carbs, proteins, fats and minerals.

    Calories is a bs way. A block of wood has calories, would you eat that?

    I have fire rated shirts that have calories in it and i dont think i would like the taste.

    All calories is is a measurement of rate of burn.

    Here is a definition of a calorie:

    a calorie is the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water through 1 °C (now usually defined as 4.1868 joules).


    This is why calorie counting is bull crap. Anything that burns has calories in it. I am sure you would not want to eat those items.

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