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Do I have some type of disorder? Depression in waves?

So I have felt I have been depressed for years now. It’s been much worse and I feel has cooled down. But I’ve never actually been diagnosed. Anyway, as of recent I’ve realized that it’s been coming in almost like depressive episode that last maybe about a week or maybe a few days. The last time was early March. I didn’t talk to any of my friends around school(college), I just sat alone in a park listening to music most of those days, and I lost interest in many things. And one day I was back to normal. I’m currently in one of those “phases” and I feel as though it’s almost over about 5 days in. Is this normal? Is this an actual thing? Please help me identify or somewhat understand what I’m dealing with. 

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    I have advice about depression in my recent answers and you're welcome to click on my name and read. 

    Depression often results from a long period of high stress. Stress management is something we all need in our stress-filled society. There's a lot of simple things that can bring our stress levels down.

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    If you are that guy who trolls in this category, you deserve all the depression that you get.

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    We all feel sadness or depressed at times, but clinical depression is a grave disturbance that often hinders a person from carrying out daily activities.

    There are a number of treatments for depression, varying according to the symptoms and the severity of the illness, below are some types of depression …

    - Major depression has symptoms that are severe enough to last six months or longer if untreated and that impact on most aspects of a sufferer’s life.

    - Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression. Sufferers may experience emotional extremes that careen between prolonged episodes of intense hyperactivity (manias) and devastating lows (depressions).—(See the article “Living With a Mood Disorder,” in the following link …

    - Dysthymia, although not as disabling as major depression, has depressive symptoms that make it difficult for the patient to function normally. Some may also experience intermittent periods of major depression.

    - Postpartum depression is a debilitating emotional condition that affects many mothers after they give birth.

    (See the article “Understanding Postpartum Depression,” in the following link … )

    - Seasonal affective disorder likely occurs as a result of a lack of sunlight during autumn and winter. It usually clears up during spring and summer.

    For more information on depression and practical advice on what can help, please see the following link …

    There are many things that can cause us to be depressed, stressed out, anxious, and even want to give up on life. To help us identify symptoms and for advice on what we can do about it, please see the following link and scroll down to the topic subheadings “Depression” and “Anxiety and Stress”…

    I hope this information is helpful to you and I hope you see brighter days soon.

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