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What are some good basic engineering classes to make someone more adept with basic machines/engines/ wiring/plumbing for a crazy world ?

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  • John
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    1 month ago

    I make it a point on this topic to only answer practical questions, like yours. Because I'm smart and inventive and in fact have a light manufacturing business of 37years.

    But I'm not an engineer. I also will say things like, "This needs better engineering" and the like. But that's not an engineer. Engineers learned all the boring stuff the rest of us didn't have the patience to learn. How to use calculus to solve real problems - trig even more so. How much concrete to pour to hold up a mile long suspension bridge, how much steel to hold up a 60 story building, how much fan to ventilate a 100,000 square foot factory, how to design heaters and refrigerators. Engineers figure out how to make all the things we have in the world - your car.......- and hopefully do it right without too much overbuilding. Not to say that they are angels....

    What you ask is more who I am, and others. Gearheads, mechanically inclined, "handy". I told a machinist one time that I had taken apart just about every mechanism that has crossed my path. Xerox machines, washing machines, clocks, padlocks... I suggest you go to some practical places. One that is huge is also venerable and old:

    Another is good old Wikipedia. Just search for stuff and then there are links everywhere for further exploration.

    I will add that pro people online are going to avoid killing you. So you may find some electrical advice but you aren't likely to find enough to replace a licensed electrician, as is proper.

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  • 1 month ago

    "Basic engineering classes" will not make you more adept with the topics you have named.  Engineering classes can help you with the theory behind them, but those subjects are very practical.  I would take classes for mechanics, electricians and plumbers to improve your abilities.

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