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Does anyone know where I can get a Transformer power pack like this?

it is for aCon Air 13.5 volts DC 3.8 a. I tried calling the company but they said they didn't sell itanymore they also told me to look at my local Jockey Lot and I have not had the best of luck with that


SW-110218 adapter

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  • 1 month ago

    Car battery charger can do the replacement like this one ...

    It has output voltage between 13.5V to 13.8V and has so good, able to supply any current between 0A to15A current capacity ,that is better than your old adapter that just has 3.8A 

    You need to cut the old core from the adapter, than join it to this new charger to power your device.

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  • 1 month ago

    Power supplies like this are ubiquitous.  You need to know the output voltage, whether it is AC or DC, and the output current capability.  Looks like you have 13.5 VDC @ 3.8 amp.  You would need one with the correct voltage and a current capability of 3.8 amps or greater.

    The other thing you need is the correct connector on the output side, and the polarity of that connector.    It is not possible to tell from your picture, but as you do a google search you should be able to narrow that down. 

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