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How realistic and probable is obtaining an alternative teaching certification?

Let's say somebody majors in English or Business, but want to have the option to teach after they get their bachelors/masters. Is this a real possibility?

If so, can they choose to get an alternative teaching certification in any K-12 level?

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  • 1 month ago

    I have a bachelors degree in Business Administration and Applied Science.  I got my Alt Cert in Florida.  I passed every single test their was for middle school and almost half for the high school grades.  I found them very easy.  The hardest part was the mandatory classes on classroom management, they were repetitious and boring.  

    The classes I taught the most of were Middle School Science, English and High School Remedial Reading.  Over the years I was also a chess club sponsor, teen crisis group sponsor and third base coach.  

    Source(s): Retired middle and high school teacher.
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  • 1 month ago

    It's quite realistic, and quite probable. People do it all the time.  However, they have to fulfill the requirements for teacher certification demanded by the state in which they want to be certified. In many states, this means taking a teaching program course (often a year)  and passing all the tests required for the teaching level they want to teach. You need to check the department of education website for the state in which you want to teach in order to get a real answer to your question

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