Someone’s trying to log into all of my accounts?

I’ve had emails from 5 different apps/websites over the past 3 days including Twitter, Spotify, my PlayStation account and others telling me about suspicious activity and that I should change my passwords, the PlayStation said that someone tried to log in from Brussels, my guess is that someone’s targeting my email address as that’s the only thing these have in common but I’m worried as some of these apps have access to my bank details and my personal details. I’ve changed my password on all of my important apps but what can I do or who can I contact to make this stop or to make my other apps more secure?


This has now happened with a few more of my accounts including my PlayStation account again and my actual gmail account. This is starting to worry me and does anyone know who I could contact to try and get this to stop? 

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    It's possible that these are just phishing attempts.  I received a bunch of similar messages for my Comcast account.  I called Comcast and eventually got to a security specialist who claimed that nobody had actually attempted to get into my account.

    Make sure you create very strong passwords for these accounts and make sure each one is different.  Password should be no less than 11 characters long and contain a mixture of upper case/lower case letters, numbers and symbols (%, @, #....).  

    You can create a new email address or addresses that you use only these accounts.

    For example, I have an email address that I use only for my Amazon account.  I get phishing messages on my primary email account that somethings wrong with my Amazon account and request that I click a link to fix.  I know these are phishing emails because my Amazon account doesn't use that email.   I never get those messages on the email that I use exclusively with Amazon.

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