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Complicated situation (military/disability)?

So I had a work injury with my shoulder. Had some wage loss due to it so I ended up getting an attorney to seek my wage loss that I’m entitled to. But now he wants me to see a doctor for permanent partial disability. My shoulder is still injured but it’s about 85%. I’m currently trying to Re enlist in military with a medical waiver for my back. (My shoulder is ready for military duty) so I’m wondering should I stay away from seeking permanent disability on something that’s minor? And just seek the wage loss? I don’t want military to dump me because of my shoulder disability. If I were to get one anyway. I know my attorney is in it for the money but I value military over a disability check. Will the military disqualify me if I get that partial disability? Would they know? 


My injury was at my current civilian job* Currently trying to re enlist in national guard with medical waiver with my back (I got the green light just need to go to meps) 

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  • martin
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    The military would probably take the partial disability evidence into account, but may want you to enlist because you have valuable training and experience.

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  • 2 months ago

    They should know, as you are obligated to tell them!

    It costs more than $80,000 to recruit one person and get then thru basic training.

    I used to do medical discharges at a basic training post (Ft. Leonardwood) and if I heard your case, I would call the commander of your unit and suggest Courts Martial for your fraudulent enlistment instead of disability processing discharge.

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    • David B
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      You obviously are not going to raise that bar, as well.
      With your self admitted Ankylosing Spondylitis, Drug Abuse and hurting your shoulder at the gym, working out (not at work), it is fairly easy to see you are not the type of person we need serving our country!

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