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Kind of a gross cat question but i need to know ?

So my cat had runny poop the day before yesterday, didnt go again all day yesterday and then finally tonight had a movement but a weird combo one. It was normal poop (brown) mixed with runny (a light yellow brown) and the runny had mucus mixed in. Im confused as to why this is occuring and if itll likely just blow over and isnt serious?

To answer a few questions, yes he has worms, they keep returning because its a multicat household. Hes recently in the past month been started on a dry food mixed with water thing (he rarely wants to eat dry food due to pickiness i assume and never drinks water on its own anymore unless its mixed into the dry food to form a gravy) i was forced into beginning this because hes stubborn and wont have it any other way. Im not sure if hes recieving too much water or not but i make sure hes getting plenty food and water each time i give him it although theres quite a few occasions he wasted and wont eat it.


Its dry food soaked in water so its dry food turned into wet food now. Sometimes when he will eat it i also give canned food but hes pretty picky on that also 

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    Yes, it doesn't look normal. 

    Remember "you are what you eat" also applies to animals.

    Check your food date and ingridients. 

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  • 1 month ago

    All cats in the home need to be treated for the parasite or it will just continue its cycle and return each time. Parasites can cause serious intestinal damage and in severe cases blood will be present. The parasite needs to be properly diagnosed (you only need to drop off one fecal sample at the vet) they will provide the correct medications for all the felines in your home

    Source(s): Vet tech
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  • patty
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    i don't believe in a 100% dry food diet. I think u need a balance of dry and wet food.

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