Is it important to you that a hotel is being socially responsible (Doing good for the community, act as a care hotel for corona patients)? ?

Hotel act as care hotel nowadays to receive corona patients, what is your opinion about this matter?

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  • 2 months ago

    There are only a few hotels who are being used to house the homeless, since they can't be properly distanced in the shelters. There are no cases in the US of hotels being used to house corona patients, although those who do not require hospitalization and are sent home to isolate might choose to stay in a hotel in order to avoid infecting their families. I do know of hotels that are housing healthcare workers who travel to help out in hard hit areas, like New York City. Those healthcare workers might become infected. I'm not sure what your concern is. Experts say there is little danger of transmission from touching surfaces, and adequately cleaned surfaces will be fine. 

    • Myrthe1 month agoReport

      Thank you for your response! I am actually researching the social responsibilities of hotels for my university thesis and therefore need people's opinions about this matter! 

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