I need advice on a situation?

There is this guy I like at the park and he usually is right near the track where I walk. I usually go with my mom and brother to walk. The guy's friend was playing really loud music and the guy I like was sitting with his friends. The guy I like kept looking at me. I was kind of in a bad mood and my mom kept asking me what song each one was as we passed. I kept saying I didn't know because the songs were unknown. I see this guy every day.

The next day, my brother wanted to walk a different way away from that main track we normally walk. I was annoyed because I want the guy to notice me and if I am away from that main track he won't see me again. Today too, my brother wanted to walk a different route. No one really goes that route and the track I go on has lots of people. 

I am wondering was it because I was in a bad mood that my brother didn't want to walk that way again? It's hilarious because of all times when the guy was being more outgoing, we start going a different route. Also, I told my mom today that I don't like the long track that much and she agrees she doesn't like that way either and always tells my brother that she doesn't want to go that way. 

Should I go a different route and catch up with my family? Or just say I don't want to walk today?

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    Seems your brother is either jealous or he's being  overprotective for some reason. Take your own route or ask your mother to come with you.

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      Thanks, I like your user name. Owls are one of my favorite birds.

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