How To Remember And Honor The Fallen To Gave The True Ultimate Sacrifice For The Country (United States) Every Memorial Day As A Message...?

To Never Ever Forget And Never Will As Historians And With The U.S. Army, Marines, U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard And So On Commemorating Memorial Day As The Day The Entire Armed Forces Remembers In Positive, Calm-Like And Quiet Fashion 


#MemorialDay #NeverForget 

Update 2:

Start Of Summer Not Included 

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    Well, as always,  you should fly the flag  on this Holiday, to remember and honor those that gave their all. 

    If you want to go that extra mile......there are plenty of war monuments that often fall into a sorry state .  Trash littered all around their   bases.  People leaving rubbish and beer bottles  laying around.    You could spruce one up or at least the area around it........ out of respect. 

    That's what I do there is one virtually right outside my house, and I can't stand seeing the way people treat it.  Cigarette butts all over the place............trash all over.  It's incredibly disrespectful. 

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  • I pray for the victims of american imperialism

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