Next season Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will Man United challenge for the Premier League title ?

Thats my prediction, this corona virus pandemic was a blessing in disguise. a reset button to allow us to start on a level playing field with everyone else, especially Liverpool and Man City.

I'm not sayin we're on their level just yet, but with two or three more clever signings and with what we have to work with - I think we'll be a force again.

Wan Bissaka is already one of the best fullbacks in world football and showed tremendous potential to go on and become a big name in the prem.

Same can be said of Harry Maguire who I think will get better at United and will definetely win a premier league with us.  I just need to see us get rid of the cancer which is paul pogba, get what we can from that sale and table in a big of £100m+  on a genuine world class attacking forward.

I feel next season will be tight, lots of teams will be fighting for top four spots and more than two teams will challenge for the title.  I predict four teams will fight for the title at some stage.

Who shares my optimism regarding United ?

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  • Ryan
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    6 months ago
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    Everyone has been expecting a tight season for years now. It hasn't happened and I don't see it changing 

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