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Bank account of a deceased person?

My coworker died from the virus, he lived alone in the country, and all his family is in Guatemala. His family are desperate to have his body/ashes sent to them, but the problem is there is no family here to claim his body. Plus they are trying to figure out what will happen to his bank account. My coworker didnt set a will to anyone to collect what he has on it. Surely there must be some way. Any advice? I cant help out more, because i reached my limits

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    The state decides how your property is distributed, when you died "intestate" (without a will). Different states have different laws.

    Generally, when a person dies intestate and without heirs/relatives, then the property could "escheat" to the state. It means that the state could get the money. 

    Your coworker's relatives in Guatemala may want to contact a probate/estate lawyer in the U.S. to resolve the issue with the state. 

  • 4 months ago

    the bank account belongs to the state now

    unless his family hires an attorney in the US with power of attorney, to try and claim his estate

    his estate must go to probate court, his creditors come first, then any thing left can go to the family

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    i would think its up to his family what happens to it

  • Pearl
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    4 months ago

    i would let his family decide that

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  • 4 months ago

    All you can do is help them make contact with the Guatemalan Embassy. 

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