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Sugar Ray Leonard vs Floyd Mayweather in primes who wins?

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  • Jose
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    7 months ago
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    My question for anyone asking this question would be...what is Floyd going to do *offensively* to bother Leonard and keep him away?  Keep in mind that Leonard negated Tommy Hearn's exceptional jab, greater height, and monstrous right hand...and also broke down the defensively gifted Wilfred Benitez.

    Leonard's quick, snapping up-jabs, his head & arm feints, his athleticism with his circling footwork from the outside, his subtle level changes & small L-steps, and his blistering step-in 2-3's - off feints (combined with slips & rolls) would have been too much for Floyd to keep up with.  A "prime" Floyd was bothered by De La Hoya's jab at 154.  And that was a De la Hoya who had lost to Trinidad, Mosley 2X's, had been TKO'd by Hopkins, and realistically...lost to Felix Sturm.

    No.  Floyd Jr. would have ended up like Floyd Sr.    

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    I would favor Ray Leonard or Duran over Mayweather. 

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