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Ian asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 4 months ago

Reuters reports that citizens across Europe are looking to leave major cities IN THE MILLIONS for fear of future lockdowns. Will this...?

Real Estate companies are being flooded with calls from apartment dwellers who wish to leave their cities. Do you think the same will occur in North America? Is this lockdown reason to believe rural areas now have greater appeal? Will the great migration from farms to cities be reversed? Are red states with small populations about to be swarmed by Democratic city dwellers?

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  • I live 2 hours from the nearest city and it's in another Province of CANADA. The next nearest is in my Province but 4.5-5 hours away.


    I rent cabins and run a B&B so I was well stocked with food when the SHlT hit the fan. I have been barely affected at all and am free to move about outdoors over a very large area.


    They can lock down large urban centers all they want to and I'd be just fine.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Liberals would be lost in the country.

    Tobacco chewing, gun toting cons will never welcome these outsiders.

  • Mike
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    4 months ago

    Over  100,000   died in  Europe   ,so far . 23,000  in Italy 

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