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edward asked in Social SciencePsychology · 4 months ago

Double Standards?

I was recently watching clips on YouTube and I stumbled onto clips from the show "What Would You Do?" from ABC fascinating show for sure.  Then I saw that there are a lot of situations that could actually happen, things that do happen.  And then I really thought about it.  If a girl hits a guy people think he probably deserved it, they don't say a bad word about it, but if he hits her once, it's a big problem.  he's labelled as a monster.  If I see something sad I can't cry without being seen as weak...I have to bottle them up (Not healthy by the way).  There is no demand for plus size male models...but the demand for plus size women is very much present.  

As for women...breast feeding is something that people feel the need to hide where breasts of a 20 something year old model can be clearly seen when she's 20 feet tall on the wall of Victoria's Secret.  They won't get hired for jobs that a male can do even though they can do meaningless busy work just as good as any man can.  I am assertive and my wife is bitchy...we're both bossy!  That seems fair. (Not)  

The final one that I noticed right away was with parenting.  I take my kid to the park I am on my phone, glancing up every few minutes to watch him and I'm a great father.  My wife looks away for one minute and she's instantly 'mom shamed', I've heard it.

I just want to know, why these double standards are still accepted and nobody seems to care about changing them?

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  • 2 weeks ago

    I actually am on varsity haha, I’m in 8th grade and also play with guys that are 14 and 15 so. I’m an o and d linebacker. 

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