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what if 2 conflicting states of emergencies are issued at same time ?

like shelter in place (now) and evacuate house due to fire or hurricane (common in E. Coast)?  How does THAT situation resolve?

We are already in a chronic climate emergency now.  


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    Each situation is different.

    In a Tornado, the area is small and you go to your basement and hide for a few hours to protect yourself.  After, you come out and help your neighbors.  You can prepare for them by building a room in the basement for this and government could mandate each house has one.  Does not matter

    In the pandemic you shelter in place to prevent you and more importantly, prevent other people getting the virus, if it is done well it will be over in 4 - 6 weeks.  If 80% of the people do it and 20% don't it will go on for months, as a result many more people will die. The good news is that there is a lot of work going on and by the end of the year we will have a vaccine.  I do think we could have been better prepared as there were warnings given by experts that politicians have ignored.  The problem is that politicians think in election cycles and preparing for something that might not happen while they are in office is, unless there is demand from voters, is difficult to act on.

    In the case of global warming, the time frame is different, we had plenty of time to switch to renewables and limit the worst effects, While wind and solar are now the cheapest forms of electricity, I doubt we will switch to 100% renewable energy in 15 years, there is still too much money invested in the old systems for the owners to simply abandon them, but in time they will go bankrupt, just like coal is now

    In the  US, Trump held a meeting with the oil executives and is pressuring Saudi Arabia and Russia to limit production so American oil becomes profitable again.  The fact that Americans will pay more at the pump as a result of his efforts, disproves the notion that he is doing it to help hard working Americans.  Other countries, like Canada, would also like the price of oil to go up.  The good news is that expensive oil will make electric cars more competitive, but given time, even oil at 20 dollars a barrel will not be able to compete.

    In each case, government can do things to help the situation and protect the people they serve, or they can protect the profits of the corporations.  In the case of global warming, don't bank with banks that still invest in carbon intensive projects and reduce your own carbon footprint.  And vote wisely, in some countries, even the right wing politicians recognize the need to de-carbonize, so you are not limited to more left wing parties if you are more right wing.

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