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What movie - a man knocks down a boy on the road then gives him a blank cheque for compensation. The boy writes one million and cashes out?


The man tells him to give the cheque to his parents but the boy took it and cashes out 1 million by himself. Then he uses the money on expensive things. It's a 2000s movie, family-oriented. Big Fat Liar (2002) comes to mind but I'm not sure of that's the one because it was about script plagiarism.

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    The answer is in your question, "Blank Check" from 1994

    Quigley runs over Preston's bicycle in a Jaguar XJ while Preston was riding out of the bank's parking lot chasing after Butch who stole his birthday check. Pressed for time as he sees a police car patrolling the area, Quigley, posing as a realtor, gives Preston a signed blank check and tells him to give it to his dad so he can buy him a new bike.

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    Brewster's millions (?)

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    Dawn of the Living Dead

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