I’m really worried about my best friend, she’s been struggling with body image and I don’t know how to help her?

My best friend is super pretty and she was a gymnast so she has a lot of muscle (she’s skinny though) With the muscle though, she gets self-conscious about her weight. I’ve noticed her starting to eat super healthy at school and has been pretty open about that. My concern started when she was only bringing half a protein bar for lunch everyday, and sometimes she wouldn’t even eat that. On Snapchat, she would post things on her private story like this one time , and I quote , “ I literally haven’t eaten at all today and I’m kinda proud” that made me and some other of her friends very worried.i talked to her about it numerous times both in person and through text but she always tells me she’s fine and that I’m thinking to deep into it. Lately, she’s been posting pictures of herself after she ran 3 miles on the tread mill. Without school in session anymore, I’m very worried about if she’s eating or not and if she’s okay. I want to talk to her about it but I’m scared of driving her away or being to persistent. And if there isn’t anything wrong at all, I don’t want to be looking to far into things. Can anyone help me at all on what to do from here. Do I tell my parents? Do I consult her about it again? I’m at a loss.

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  • 2 months ago

    Once you have thought the matter through, have a heartfelt talk with your friend.

    ▪ Plan carefully what to say and when to say it.

    ▪ Express clearly your concern and your desire to help.

    ▪ Do not be surprised if the first response is defensive.

    ▪ Be a patient listener.


    Source(s): Awake! | October 2006
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