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This girl I been talking to for 6 months said she would leave her abusive boyfriend. Is she bluffing ?

For 6 months I spent all of my time giving her advice comforting her and making her feel about herself. I mean I really dedicated a lot of my time to talking to her, FaceTiming her and texting her. For hours and hours on end until the sun came up. Sending long thought out paragraphs. She said she loved me and was going to leave her boyfriend because he was abusive but it’s been 6 months. She claims she can’t leave her right now because she doesn’t have a job and is relying on him for money since he works in an essential job as a doctor but once the virus passes and she can work again she will leave. She said he’s been nicer to her lately but she knows it’s just temporary and that he will be abusive again. She’s always complaining about him and she also said she fantasizes about us having sex. I told her that I love to talk to her but i feel like I’m getting nowhere with her because she hadn’t left yet. I honestly feel like I’m being played. I told her mabye we should just be friends and she was like nooooo ima gonna leave him soon. I was like if I have to entertain you and send long parapraphs and be played I feel it’s only right for us to have sex 

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    Why not cool things of for now. Tell her that if and when she leaves her boyfriend, to look you up. In the meantime, you should be meeting other more available people. She's not available.

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  • 2 months ago

    Six months? The virus has been around how long? Seems she will always be able to find an excuse not to make a move. Perhaps she is not telling you the truth, either about wanting to leave her husband or that he is abusive.

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    From my own experience if she has not made a move in 6 months she

    is not going to leave. You are just a shoulder to cry on and vent her

    frustrations   and has no intent of leaving.  As far as the sex, is it worth

    it if you get caught and if you do it long enough you will get caught.

    I hope you listen and consider my advice as I have a lot of experience.

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