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Why is Trump such a polarizing president?

It seems like almost everyone has strong opinions about him. They either love him or hate him. I personally hate the ******* bastard and want him gone this November!

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    Trump supporters are stubborn, unwilling to criticize Trump in any way. If they can't criticize him, it just means there is something very wrong with them. No one is 100% perfect. I've had countless discussions and Trump supporters will not criticize him.

    Even though, he was born rich. His pulling himself up by the bootstrap story was he got a 'meager' 1 million dollar loan from his father to start building his wealth. Due to inflation that's actually a lot more money today to fund his real estate endeavors. There's no way a rich man like this could truly understand a regular person's struggle but to his supporters, he's really relatable. 

    Trump fulfills something that was a fantasy for many Americans that were shamed for decades about how they genuinely felt. They don't want to be called racist but they don't like people of color, they don't want to be called sexist but men and women have their place, harassing women or even date rape is just men being men.  

    These are people who feel anger when they see what's different. Their minds are so rigid and they hate it that America has been progressing into a place where people point out they're wrong for hurting other people and for being apart of a system that keeps women, people of color and minorities at a disadvantage. They don't want America to be a place of diversity thriving. Fox news even accused Obama of being responsible for the browning of America.

    They don't want to face that they themselves could do anything wrong. They're closed-minded so they lash out by saying I hate being PC. They aren't willing to be open-minded because it's really hard for them to leave their comfort zone and to change what they know so they stubbornly hold onto their sentiments even though it doesn't make sense. Change is hard and acknowledging their faults is really difficult for Trump supporters. 

    Trump just symbolizes you don't need to do any of this. He gives them permission to stay just the way they are and they don't need to take responsibility when they are being racist, sexist, stuck in their ways and being old-fashioned. Not only does he get away with it he's successful at doing whatever he wants and doesn't have to face any consequences. Remember the spike of hate crimes after he won the presidency? All those people were Trump supporters who felt Trump winning means it is okay to hate jews or its ok to feel whatever they were suppressing. Much like Sean Connery who says he has and would hit women and no one goes after him. There's alot of people who think that's awesome. Those are Trump's people. Trump could ruin the country and economy they won't say anything is his fault because they just like the guy.

    Another problem is, most of them only listen to Conservative news. I know many Conservatives when an event happens they want to watch Fox news and know what they think before they can comment. This has happened in front of me. They say they want to be informed and want to know what's going on then alot of what I've heard is Fox news is the only news, every other news is fake news. 

    The issue what that is, they're only listening to the news with the objective of trying to prove their political party right. If you listen to the news to figure out what's going on with your industry, watching the market, understanding laws and researching stocks then you are actually going to be a well-informed person because you need to know global news at that point and your working for yourself to invest money rather than working for a political party. Watching the news for your opinions and for politicals only makes a person vulnerable to propaganda, it doesn't matter if you're Liberal or Conservative to watch the news for your emotions you are compromised for that party's propaganda. If it's for investing and numbers then you need to understand the laws, trade and global news of all different resources and you'll form political opinions but you'll be seeing it from all different povs. It also gets alot easier to catch stories misportrayed for a political agenda. I see both Liberal and Conservative media doing it. 

    Honestly, keeping up with the news could take up so much time, why aren't people using it as research for their businesses or finances? To say I only listen to Fox News, or only conservative news or only CNN just makes a person so brainwashed and frustrating to talk to especially when they repeat talking points why heard from those networks or their preferred politicians. They just become echoes without thinking for themselves at that point and it's upsetting when you want better for your country.

    If it's any consolation he didn't win the popular vote. But sorry to worry you, the last 2 Republican Presidents didn't win the popular vote.

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    line up i want to kick everyone in the can for vote for him

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    Because he does what he say he's going to do.  This is why Hillary did NOT win.  99%, of the American voters, were sick and tired of all the lies and B.S. from the Democrats.  The Democrats have been in a downward spiral ever since 1929 and they just don't seem to 'get it'.  GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!

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    Opinion generally is more polarised nowadays. It's just part of that.

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    And your rant here is anonymous

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    Okay guys, I know I'm going to get in trouble for this either way I answer this I'm going to p!$$ off a bunch of people who will accuse me of being an agent of the other side, but here it goes...  Obama overplayed his hand with his healthcare act, we all kind of knew that all of healthcare was trying to rear up and be our number one expense above housing, food, transportation, entertainment, any of them, and now insurance premiums and deductibles are trying to rear up and be our number one expense, probably gobbling up over half of an average income.  We all knew that the expense was so large that the only way Obama could float that program is to require everyone to buy insurance just for being a human being.

      Hospitals used to take charity cases, I see no evidence of that now.  It seems that everyone will have to pay as soon as they are able.  Nine days in intensive care, and you may be looking at one-hundred-thirty thousand dollars of debt.  (Hey remember that wreck you were in eight years ago?  Here's the bill.) 

      Lots of people were scared to death that we were about to go into a socialized healthcare system run with all the alacrity and attention to detail that is also displayed at the DMV.  I've heard the personal testimonies about the Canadian healthcare system just kind of outwaiting Americans' Canadian cousins until they finally died of what ailed them. 

      Feinstein said that if it were up to her she'd go around and pick up everybody's guns and she also kept saying a lot of other stuff too that didn't sit too well with middle America; it kind of makes a bunch of us feel (like we're about to be) declawed, toothless, and neutered.

      Another message is (indirectly) that, "We're going to take away your personal transportation, your independent mobility, when we finally shut down fossil fuels, besides, public transportation is just fine, and there's nowhere you need to go that can't be accessed through public transportation!"  In case you a baffled as to why this would be a worrisome statement, let me just say that most Americans still have at least a FEELING that they could pick up and drive to the other side of the continent on a moment's notice, whether they actually could or not, they don't like being denied that option.  "There's nothing I can do, nowhere I can go, whatever happens I'm just going to have to sit here and beef it." is not a very American sentiment.  Americans like to feel in charge of their own destinies, and a car or truck really goes a long way towards helping that feeling along.

      Then comes along a guy that is the very image of the brash businessman.  A guy that will kick A** and take names!  A deal maker!  A WINNER!  A cross between Germans and Scots-- I mean, how American can you get?  He says that he is going to roll back all this pansy stuff, and make the united states start winning again, and it did feel as though India and China had to play by a different set of rules on the environmental controls than we did, because they were well, developing countries, and you know, they've got to pollute a little while longer while they are setting up their infrastructure, and all seemed patently unfair to a lot of folks (and still does).  It felt like we were in a footrace with a bunch of people who got to jump the gun without any penalty.  Or maybe we were stuck in a baking contest where the other contestants got to use professional ovens but we were stuck using an E-Z bake oven.   Are we an empire in decline?  Maybe. 

      This guy's solution to all that was to bring back the 1950's.  We had something like almost three times as many nuclear warheads as everybody else combined, and to some that that was really awful and hypocritical of a democratic nation, and others thought it was REALLY COOOL!  Me, I thought it was one of those really big numbers like the sun running out of fuel in four billion years and destroying the Earth. 

      I think a lot of people were hoping he would overturn Roe vs. Wade.  Remains to be seen doesn't it...

      Above all else he rode in on a wave of (self) Righteous Indignation, and just said what everybody who was really pis't wanted to hear, and I've heard a lot of really deeply angry truck drivers, plumbers, electricians, forklift operators, and so on and he's just parroting back to these guys what they've already said.  A lot of these guys say things like, "Maaan!  If I were the president I would walk right up to that S. O. B. and ram his teeth down his F*ng throat!  I'd like to see him flash that s*** eating grin without any teeth!"  "But dear, he's the president of France!"  "I don't care--it would serve him right!"  In this way, he is able to give all these guys a vicarious thrill, that is, he is doing what they would like to do!  (Well, maybe not exactly, but hitting a lot of the markers)

      There are so many people that instantly lash out in anger, and he is really just reflecting that. 


    (Boy am I really going to get it now, well, there goes my political career, I have probably pis't off everyone I ever knew, and a lot of strangers too!  It wouldn't do any good to go anonymous people would recognize my writing its length!)

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    He goes out of his way to make enemies. 

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    Cowardly people rarely get directly involved in fights, they just Start them among other people and then sit back and Enjoy the spectacle. 

    There’s probably a more sinister aspect to it as well. People in power often encourage the masses to fight amongst themselves for good reason.After all, if you can keep people distracted by encouraging them to fight amongst themselves, they’re not gonna turn their attention onto you and start attacking you once they realize how badly you are using and abusing them.

    The Roman emperors understood this about human psychology which is why they gave all the Italian lower classes free admission to the Colosseum to watch slaves  and members of the lower classes and disfavored groups like Christians tear other apart Or get torn apart by wild animals etc.on the bloody Colosseum floor. Trumps demonization of the ‘migrants’ and illegals and the “fake press” etc serves the same purpose As these disfavored groups did for the Roman emperors.

    And then in the Colosseum  they would have days when they gave the lower classes free bread. “Panem et circenses.” (Bread and circuses.)

     But the Republicans aren’t even tossing out free loaves of bread. That would be ‘socialistic’ and too humane. 

    Anyway, it was all done to keep the masses distracted so they wouldn’t start to ponder how badly the Roman emperors and aristocracy were enslaving them and causing them to live in poverty, etc. 

    Trump and the Republican oligarchs are probably doing the same thing.

    But trump’s asinine base is too gullible and uneducated to even realize they’re being used that way. Dumb fvckers

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    Sorry but he’ll get re-elected 

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