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Aiden asked in Social SciencePsychology · 8 months ago

I want to abandon everything and travel for a few years. Any advice would be fantastic thanks!?

Well this isn't some kind of "I'm depressed" kind of thing. Or I might be, but I certainly don't feel like it. If I'm sad about anything it's that I haven't done this earlier.

Travelling around the world, seeing new places, meeting new people and experiencing other cultures has always been something I've wanted to do but life has always gotten in the way. Lately I've been getting the urge to just leave a note at my house and disappear. Go off and not come back for a long time. Fulfil my dreams. (To clarify I ll still stay in touch with people, but I don t want to tell them I m going to save myself from troubles. It's also more exciting this way haha)

I don t know where I'm going and honestly I don t care. I think I ll just head in a direction and stop when I feel like it or need to. See where things take me and just explore everything.

There's no real reason for this urge. But I feel like it s something I have to do despite all I would be giving up.

So I'm hoping to get some advice from people who have gone travelling before. How I can conquer the language barrier, how I can deal with money issues that will most certainly arise, how to prepare.

Just any practical advice at all would be great. I'm running in the dark here.

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  • 8 months ago

    You will need money; either savings or a continuing income stream from something.

    You cannot work in foreign countries.

    Work on that aspect first.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Coronavirus is not gonna let you travel anywhere.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    That's called wanderlust and I do believe it is mostly universal, at least in the modern-ish West for young people. I'm the jerk bugging the dog section here and maybe the stars made me do so for this very question; Like dogs, if you leave them in the yard, they will run at the first chance they get to find out about the world around them. I've called it the Buddha complex in suburban humans where around 20 we realize (for many of us) it would be way too easy to, long story short, sit back, half-*** a job, and live well enough till we die. We have a yearning, a biological imperative at that stage to wander. It could be as simple in biological terms as widening our field of eligibles for mating, but the cognitive side is a very clear factor as well, even if it is superfluous to the bio side.

    All your practical questions are part of what you want to know; in years after the adventure when you'll say "there was just something I needed to know." In many places, many people speak perfect English. Learning some basic phrases earns you some respect. Hostels can get you a bunk for $5 USD sometimes. Some places the locals are way too eager to take you in and feed you as per their culture. Some travel books or videos may be interesting to give you a framework. Last I saw Globetrekker was still free on Youtube. But like I said, it seems like you're at that point where there;s something you just need to know and a Yahoo post or YT video is not where you're going to find it.

  • LP7
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    8 months ago

    I'd try disappearing locally for a month or so.That's an effort in itself.

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