anyone have any idea where i can buy a screen accurate version of the blazer Harley Quinn wears at the end of birds of prey?

Literally every version i come across gets something wrong weather it be the materiel or the patches on the jacket itself

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  • 5 months ago
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    This article: / is a detailed look at all of Harley's costumes, their inspiration,  what went into making them, and where to find replicas. You won't be able to buy the jacket that was in the movie and a 100% screen accurate might not be possible either because that's what the costume designer and costume makers wants. By using a less expensive fabric and fewer patches it keeps the replica price reasonable. Other jackets by the maker Discount Universe start in the 2 to 5 thousand dollar range. One of a kind custom from them is double.

    In my experience in cosplay and fandom the most accurate costumes are custom made and often by the cosplayer. A piece so covered in custom patches and so unique will need to be custom made to get every detail accurate. This will be expensive and time consuming, but so are many of the best costumes in high level cosplay.

    If you have the time money and skill join a cosplay maker group and learn how to o make your own jacket. If you don't have the time money or skill buy one of the many reproductions out there. I know it's a compromise but people will still know who you are trying to be even if every movie decoration isn't there.

    Source(s): When you think about it "Discount Universe" is the most inaccurate designer name ever.
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