Receptionist at my dr. office?

The receptionist at my drs office doesn't like me for personal reasons, she dated someone I used to date and I had no idea until a mutual acquaintance told me that she hates me for dating this person. I thought the receptionist was just rude at first. But then I had an issue with a prescription and called to get it sorted out and this woman of course answered the phone, and lied to me about my prescription. She told me it was at the pharmacy and ready for me despite the fact that I hadn't even called it in yet or anything. I called the pharmacist to make sure and they definitely didn't have it so I called back and this woman told me that she just spoke to them for me and that it was waiting for me, she told me 'maybe you should call and yell at them'. Its an half hour drive for me to get to the pharmacy, so it was irritating and inconvenient cause I did wind up going there it was not there. They also told mutual friends of mine medical issues I have in my medical chart that I would never tell anyone and never have shared with anyone. Which means they snooped through my private records. What am I supposed to do? I complained to the clinic manager, but this woman lied and said she had never spoken to me before or even knows who I am. This is madness. Is there someone higher up I can complain to? Is there like a HIPAA violation line? I tried to google it but turned up nothing. 

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You called in your own prescription?  Are you a Physician, licensed to prescribe?

    "They" also told people ... whatever?  Who is "they?"

    Disclosing medical info is a violation of HIPAA.  Do some research and report the Physician and his staff.

    Where did you google?  There are hundreds of HIPAA sites.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Make an appointment for a check up, get what you need done, then tell the doctor you will be changing GP, and tell them exactly why they are losing a patient. Because of someone they hired acting unprofessional. Then change GP and never look back. If they have a brain, the receptionist will get spanked like a bold child and have to face that humiliation. That's enough

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