Which urine to take for heavy metal screening?

I'm testing for mercury, arsenic and lead. I woke up and forgot that I would be doing, so my first urine of the day is gone. I didn't eat anything yet, so can I use the second for the test?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Did the doctor ask you for an early morning urine, a 24 hour urine or just a urine test? 

    The first two are scrubbed for the day if you haven't caught your first wee. If they want an early morning, it needs to be the first wee of the day. But if they just want a standard urine test then you can do one any time. If they asked you for a 24 hour urine collection, then they would have (hopefully) provided you with a 5L Jerry can or other suitable receptacle. 

    You can always call your surgery/hospital for clarification. 

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