What would be the reason a girl would stop texting a guy she met when he was out of town for business in her city?

Say a guy goes out of town. He meets a girl on a Friday when she approaches him and introduces herself. They hit it off and she asks for his number. So all weekend she is texting him first thing in the morning saying things like "Wow I can't believe you are not married, you are super sexy. All I have been thinking about is making out with you." Then the guy says "Wow that sounds fun, how about if we meet up for drinks later on tonight." She agree's and after the guy gets off work they meet up and she does not blow him off. Everything is going great , and they have a wonderful time together again, and she even is into him even more than the first night she met him.

But then the day comes that he has to leave, and that morning its as if the girl never existed. No more calls or texts in the morning like over the weekend where she is telling him how much she wants to see him, make out or hangout. Eventually the guy accepts the fact that maybe she had a boyfriend, or maybe she thought he was married and just decided to move on and forget about him.


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  • 1 month ago

    You sound about right. You were an out of towner so 'safe'. She's not going to run into you in awkward situations is she - like being in the supermarket with her kids asking 'who's that man?' - or at a party with her b/f or husband when you meet at the buffet table. You both had a wonderful time and that's great. Remember it as a beautiful, temporary friendship. I suppose if you are hitting her City again in the future you could ping off a guarded text to say you are visiting the City again. You never know, she might respond??

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  • g
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    1 month ago

    All of the above. Maybe she realized she wasn't likely to see him again anyway.

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