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If a wife had an ONS with her ex after marriage and regrets it deeply and confesses to her husband, then should the husband accept her?

While she deeply begs for it and promises not to repeat it. What should the wife do to make her husband forgive? And what should she do to her ONS partner who laughs and makes fun of her husband saying how he(husband) is not enough for her so he(ex) easily got to bang her and she enjoyed with him? Can she save her husband's dignity from her bullying ex?

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    1)First, the ex shouldn’t be able to say that to her, because both he (the husband) and she (the wife) should have instantly blocked her ex from all forms of contact and social media- blocked from texting, calling, emailing, Facebook, etc.

    (If the wife doesn’t want to do this, then she’s a filthy cheater who isn’t over her ex and her husband should annul the marriage so she gets nothing.)

    2) Second, if he (the ex) makes fake facebooks or calls from alternate phones to either her or the husband, then the wife and the husband both should agree to get- and then actually go to get- a legal restraining order against the ex, for criminal harassment.

    (If the wife doesn’t want to do this, then she’s a filthy cheater who isn’t over her ex and her husband should annul the marriage so she gets nothing.)

    3) Third, the wife should confirm she’s not pregnant. If she’s pregnant, she must get an abortion or agree to give baby up for adoption. If she insists on keeping another man’s baby, then her husband should annul the marriage immediately or divorce. 

    4) Fourth, the wife must allow the husband to get “one free pass”. She cheated, so the marriage will be fundamentally NOT EQUAL until the husband also gets to cheat once as well. Once he has done that, their process of true healing and rebuilding can begin.

    This may seem counterproductive, but it’s actually not. It’s quite necessary. Without this step:

    A) the husband will always resent the wife and hate/distrust her

    B) the wife will never respect her husband bcuz she’ll see him as a weak cuckold who didn’t do sh-t about it when she cheated

    C) the wife will eventually cheat again, since she experienced no negative consequences the last time she cheated

    D) the wife won’t respect the husband and see him as a sexual being, if the husband doesn’t get some pooty on the side

    E) the husband will never regain self esteem or confidence, if she cheated and he never did. But by cheating back, he gets his confidence back, and also is better able to forgive her, since he did the same thing. 

    5) The husband must be given complete access and passwords to all the wife’s communications (phone, email, Facebook text) from here on out, whenever he wants, to confirm the wife is staying committed and isn’t even TALKING to other men anymore.

    Anyway, if the wife goes along with steps 1 through 5, enthusiastically and willingly and supportively of her husband, then I do think he should forgive her- just this once- assuming she doesn’t do it again. If she cheats a second time later, then he should end it.

    However if the wife refuses to do ANY of these steps, then it shows she doesn’t take responsibility for her actions and she either wants to keep cheating or doesn’t want to experience repercussions for her actions. In which case, he should leave her 

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    • Koushik1 month agoReport

      has done something wrong so he has to hide or run from his native place. But thats not true.
      And also, if the husband forgives her keeps her...then she is in winning she enjoyed also..n now is getting the husband and his properties also. So I said in that case, she has nothing to lose.

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  • 1 month ago

    Never! She has no way to save marriage as she cheated.

    The marriage will soon to be end.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Her husband has no dignity to save if he’s so crap his wife looked elsewhere.

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