What do you think of this type of person?

If she was your roommate?

Shes anti-social in the morning.

Very smart, artist, gamer.

going to school for graphic design.

keeps the house clean and prepares

health conscious meals for everyone.

Very inspirational and always brings fun to even the dullest situations.

She has btch face, and is anti-social...

but not in a "awww shes shy" way....more

in a "I have more important things to do than deal with you" way.

But ultimately shes not really bitchy and expects others to treat her the same way... strict family I assume. ( you learn shes actually a great person behind the mask)

She pays her fair share, and treats everyone like they are family... she expects them to be on time for her dinners and not in their rooms. She also cleans a lot...and btches a lot when others leave messes.

She always has a lot of money and social influence... she is not social but her small group of friends and associates are typically in influential positions. Also... when parties are being planned... people make it a point to get her to come. Because if she comes...more people come and more interesting people. Especially women.

On the flip side she can be passive aggressive... not cleaning up after you and then getting the whole house to side against you, an example.

Also, she pays for the internet, cable, disney, hulu, netflix etc. And she is not afraid to use them as leverage in getting her way

Could you do it? Could you have this roommate and be at peace?

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  • 1 month ago

    She sound like a lively person with a code of conduct that is very strict.  But ask yourself, if she is good at keeping the house clean, should she not expect other people to keep it clean as well?  For example it is her turn to keep the house clean, and she does not, would you not be pissed off, if you had to clean after her.  She has leverage, which you have her.  You could share in the payment.  Pipper calls the tune sort of say.  She seems to be a straight forward person, who does not have time for nonsense.  Good so she comes stra ight to the point instead of leaving you uncertain of her feeling.  Maybe you should try and respect her feelings as you expect her to respect you. I could be at peace with someone who had all these qualities, that I would overlook some shortcomings, if any.  Just as I would expect from others.

    Not many people rise and shine and sing happy songs on waking up, some need time to adjust to a new day before the last night party or late work or in general just not a morning person.  I am not.  I can be so anti social that No one even speaks to me in the house, before I have had a cup of tea and a bath.  Yet I happen to be the most loving and kind person, so I am told.  So they put up with the morning by tip toeing around me in the morning, in return they face a happy carefree person all day long.

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  • lala
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Yes I could have a roomate like this 

    In the morning she want to  be left alone because she is still tired 

    and those people are night person 

    so you    have to respect her [ speed 

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