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My mum drives me nuts and I hate having to see her. I don't know if it's me or her?

It's like she knows how to annoy people so then they snap and she can be the victim. 

Today for example she comes to my new flat and I am starving hungry so I cook a burger and she didn't want one. Anyways about 2 hours later I make a sandwich. I am very athletic/thin and she is overweight. She makes a massive deal saying "oh your hungry again???" Wow you eat so much. I ask her what she ate today and all she replied with is a bit of toast that's it. 

Then she acts really dumb but only when she wants to act that way. 

Everything she says and does is so frustrating. I had so much I needed to do and said to her I have a few friends coming over at 4pm so she wouldn't leave till 5pm and by that time I had to cancel my plans with friends. Also I haven't even finished moving and had to bring stuff over from my old place but she wouldn't leave and if I left her at my new place she would have gone through all my stuff.

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    Your Mum is being inconsiderate and selfish. Just because she's your mother, you don't have to put up with it. No need for drama or nastiness, just live your life the way you want to, and if she tries to interfere or continue to behave this way, you will just have to be more persistant. You are an adult now, and she needs to respect that. Sounds like she knows how to guilt people into doing things her way... this only works if people give in to her. Like today, she turned up..... and stayed...... and you let her, then complained after..THAT will never change if you just let it carry on. When she turned up, you should have said 'lovely to see you, have a cup of tea, I'm going out in an hour', and THEN YOU SHOULD GO OUT. If she gets upset or moans or whatever, just pretend not to notice she has a problem, and continue with your plans. 

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  • Andrew
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    1 month ago

    . Woman are very OPURTUNISTIC if they can't get what they want they make everyone around them miserable. My mom is the same way

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  • Linda
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    1 month ago

    Your mom is a self centered a@@ with horrible manners. Call her and tell her that you didn't appreciate her making you change plans with your friends and you can do without her negativity. She is probably jealous of you for moving and she has no life outside of you. Next time she just shows up at your flat, Liam, don't let her in and keep the door locked. Until she respects your privacy and what you say goes at your place, she will not get to just come over like she used to. Set boundaries now or she will make a pattern of this bs. My sister's son just moved out with his gf at 24 and he told his mom to not come over so much and my sister respected his boundaries. Your mom needs to do the same or she cannot come over. It's that simple.

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