Daughter said she feels sharp piercing pain in chest, bad headache, nauseous when eating, swollen foot. Can't afford to see a doctor. ?

She doesn't have any money not even a dollar and shes off my insurance plan. She asked for me to buy some medicine but I just can't afford it. I already have such much on me financiqlly. I make good money but it's some things I just cannot afford. She said she couldn't sleep last night because she felt like there was blocks in her chest. Her feet and ankles are swollen badly. I wish there was free healthcare for people who vent afford it. In not rich so we are forced to find at home remedy.

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  • Edna
    Lv 7
    2 weeks ago

    People who can't afford private health insurance do have "free" health care, of a sort. They will still be treated in an ER, but they'll ultimately be billed by the ER and have to pay for the treatment.


    People who can't afford private health insurance are usually enrolled in Medicaid, which will pay the biggest portion of the treatment. That too is almost "free" health care.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You need to get her to ER. I am sorry you live in a third world country that doesn't have normal medical care  but I've heard the ER will at least stabilise her condition and see that she won't die. The feeling of pressure on the chest with swollen ankles is a really bad sign.

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  • 1 month ago

    Some of her symptoms are serious, such as the chest pains and swollen feet and ankles. Maybe if you call up your local government offices, they can steer you to a free or low-cost clinic.  General "medicines" for an undiagnosed condition can do more harm than good.

    Meanwhile, severely restricting salt in her diet might help a little.You may need to take out a loan to pay for her medical care.  She definitely needs it.

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  • 1 month ago

    Now that we know what you WON'T spend your money on, where the hell did the "GOOD MONEY" go? Car note? Auto Insurance? TV's? Tattoos? Eating out? Jewelry? Cool cell phone plans? Drugs? Alcohol? 

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    • Poor people get market place healthcare for free in the US.  Many are too lazy to even fill out the forms.  Insurance needs to be mandatory as it is in France, Germany and Switzerland.

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  • 1 month ago

    Well you're a pretty shitty parent of you won't help your daughter. Take her to the hospital right now.  Because what she has sounds like heart or kidney failure. Who cares about $$ if she ends up dead??

    I really hope you're a troll because no decent parent would refuse to help their kid.

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