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My mom screams at me everyday?

She's unreasonable, screams at me and only me every single day even though I'm doing nothing but studying, and my brother is always on his phone, and she never scolds him. The last time I saw her scold him was probably more than half a year ago. She obviously favours my brother more, for example whenever he slams the door, she doesn't say anything. However, when I do, by accident, which she doesn't believe because she doesn't trust me at all, she screams at me and slams the door harder to mock me. She throws my things, screams and guilt trips me - it always ends the same way, her hitting herself and screaming sorry, saying that she should "shut her bloody mouth and not say anything," "I'm the worst mother, I work hard for nothing," "I'm the one at fault, sorry," when I've said nothing at all. She's broken my things and thrashed my room once, breaking my door when she slammed it to mock me. I'm used to it now and turn her screams to a deaf ear whenever it happens and continue to do my homework. She always tries to threaten me to kill herself or kick me out to my dad's house, but nothing ever happens - she just wants me to know that I'm in the wrong, because in her eyes, everything she does is right. What should I do?

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    You should go live with your dad until your mother gets the psychological help she so obviously needs. The next time she threatens to kill herself tell her if she doesn't stop you will call the police and have her hospitalized. But really - you should move out.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    If you can’t seem to get along with your parents, you might think they should do something to improve the situation. As we will see, however, there are steps you can take to reduce the frequency and ease the intensity of the conflicts. First, consider . . .

     Why conflict happens

    Thinking ability. As you grow up, you begin to think more deeply about things than you did when you were a child. You also start forming strong convictions​—some of which might be at odds with those of your parents. Nevertheless, the Bible says: “Honor your father and your mother.”​—Exodus 20:12.

    Fact of life: It takes maturity and skill to disagree without being disagreeable.

    Independence. As you mature, your parents will likely grant you greater freedom. The problem is, it might not be as much freedom as you want or as soon as you want it​—and that can lead to conflict. Nevertheless, the Bible says: “Be obedient to your parents.”​—Ephesians 6:1.

    Fact of life: Often, how much freedom your parents grant you depends on how you handle the freedom you already have.

     What you can do

    Focus on your role. Instead of putting the entire blame on your parents for a conflict, consider what you can do to make peace. “It’s not always what your parents say but how you respond that adds to a conflict,” says a young man named Jeffrey. “Speaking calmly goes a long way toward smoothing things over.”

    The Bible says: “As far as it depends on you, be peaceable.”​—Romans 12:18.

    Listen. “I find that this is the hardest thing to do,” admits 17-year-old Samantha. “But I’ve also found that when parents see that you’re listening, chances are they’ll listen to you.”

    The Bible says: “Be quick to listen, slow to speak.”​—James 1:19.

    1. A frying pan on a stovetop catches on fire; 2. The fire rages out of control

    Conflict is like a fire​—if it is not contained, it may rage out of control

    Think like a teammate. Approach a conflict as you would a sport, such as a tennis match. But put the issue​—not your parents​—on the other side of the net. “In a conflict, parents want what they think is best for their teenager and the teenager wants what he thinks is best for himself,” says a young man named Adam. “So, at least in theory, they’re working for the same goal.”

    The Bible says: “Pursue the things making for peace.”​—Romans 14:19.

    Be understanding. “I find it helpful to remember that parents have to struggle with their own issues, which are often just as menacing as ours,” says a teenager named Sarah. A young woman named Carla takes it further. “I try to put myself in my parents’ position,” she says. “What would it be like for me if I were raising a child and dealing with the same situation? What would be in the best interests of my child?”

    The Bible says: “Look out not only for your own interests, but also for the interests of others.”​—Philippians 2:4.

    Be obedient. In the end, that’s what the Bible requires you to do. (Colossians 3:​20) And things will go much easier for you if you comply. “My life is less stressful when I just do what my parents ask,” says a young woman named Karen. “They have already sacrificed a lot for me, so it’s the least I can do.” Obedience is one of the greatest antidotes for conflict!

    The Bible says: “Where there is no wood, the fire goes out.”​—Proverbs 26:20.

    Tip. If you find it difficult to communicate, try writing out your thoughts in a note or a text message. “I do that when I’m not in a good enough frame of mind to talk,” says a teenager named Alyssa. “It helps me to express myself without yelling or saying something I’ll regret later on.”

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    Ask your dad if you can live with him instead?

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    That’s how parents are honestly they scream 

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    CPS will do nothing since a parent has a legal right to scream at their lazy kids

    So what if your brother is doing this or that. He's not your child and you need to focus on your life and not anything he's doing. 

    She has a right to take anything she wants from you since you are a child and can't own anything

    She also clearly has no trust in you since you have done nothing to earn that trust 

    You claimed you were getting a puppy at one point, hopefully yoru mom never got it since you would never take care of it 

    You also claim you buy things on impulse and waste money so its no wonder why she doesn't trust you and before that you claim you were broke so I don't believe your mother is hitting herself or anything 

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    she sounds abusive, if you call cps they might put you somewhere else

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    Your mother is mentally ill so was mine she kept screaming at me to move out and get a job. So I did! and then my mother started coming to the tomato packing house that I was working at and staying at to yell at me and scream at me and harass me! I had to call the police! and the police told her you cannot come to this person's place of work you told this person to move out and get a job that person did so you will have to get a court order to make this person move back in with you.

    We won't help you without a court order in the meantime you cannot trespass.

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